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It is required by law that those working with food or in a food business need to have an understanding of HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Points) and how to apply this system in their work. This course complies with the Food Safety Authority HACCP training and Implementation requirements.

To ensure best practice the cook/chef and the owner/manager should participate in this training. This 3 day course covers the following subjects:

•    Introduction to HACCP.
•    The elements of hazard analysis and use of critical control points.
•    HACCP and the Law, the use of HACCP in managing food safety and its benefits to a food business.
•    Principles of HACCP & terminology.
•    Identification of hazards in the process, how to analyse hazards and quantify risk.
•    Selection of controls and critical control points, HACCP monitoring, maintenance and record-keeping.
•    HACCP verification systems, current statutory and industry standards of best practice.

The course will also involve practical group work using a selection of work activities tailored to the groups experience and requirements.


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